出身     ニュージーランド/クライストチャーチ

 来日した時期 :2022年

 講師歴    :1年

 校舎     :お茶の水校/武蔵小杉校

 日本語    :〇


What do you do in your free time?


In my free time I like going to cafes with friends. I’m a big foodie so I like looking for new cafes that I haven’t been to. I also like drawing and going to the gym.

What has surprised you since you came to Japan?


I was actually born in Japan and have come back here for holidays many times, but each time I’m surprised by how efficient the train system is. It’s also amazing how good Japan is at always being on time.

Something interesting about your hometown or what do you miss about your hometown?


What I miss about my hometown is the amount of greenery there is, especially in the cities. Here in Japan, in big cities like Tokyo, there are parks but hardly any greenery throughout the city, such as along the sidewalks.

Favorite place in Japan?


This is a hard question as I have been to so many places around Japan, and I have so many nice memories from each of them. One of the places I really like is Yamanashi, where my grandparents live and my mum grew up. I have a lot of great memories from there.

Favorite memory in Japan?


This is also a hard question as I have so many memories in Japan. But it would have to be when I came to visit my family in Yamanashi once every two years. We would normally stay for the whole winter holidays and spend New Years together.