出身     カナダ/オンタリオ州/トロント

 来日した時期 :2002年8月

 講師歴    :18年半

 校舎     :船橋校

 日本語    :△


What do you do in your free time?


I’ve loved sports my entire life. Nowadays, I watch hockey, baseball, basketball, American football and so on. I also play golf and like doing exercise.
If I have time, I love walking around Tokyo to see new stations while listening to audiobooks and discover interesting places.

What has surprised you since you came to Japan?


The trains are so quiet. It’s wonderful. I still can’t believe how many people can cram into a train and everyone remains quiet. It’s great.

Something interesting about your hometown or what do you miss about your hometown?

ほとんどの方たちはトロントのニックネームが“ホグタウン”って知らないですよね。昔トロントは繁華街に大きな肉の加工会社があることで有名でした。豚の他の呼び名は“Hog”なので、人々がトロントを“Hogtown”と呼び始めるようになったんです。もしトロントにいるなら、私たちお気に入りの地元料理の一つが、繁華街にあるセントローレンスマーケットのpeameal bacon sandwichです。とてもおいしいですよ!

Most people don’t know that the nickname for Toronto is “Hogtown.” Back in the old days, Toronto was famous for having a big meat packing company in the downtown area. “Hog” is another name for pigs. So, some people started referring to Toronto as “Hogtown.” If you’re ever in Toronto, one of our favorite local dishes is a peameal bacon sandwich at the Saint Lawrence Market in the downtown area. It’s great!

Favorite place in Japan?


I really like Enoshima. It’s got beaches, an island with temples and caves, a view of Mount Fuji and an aquarium. It’s a good place to go for a day trip with all kinds of things to do. I try to go there a couple of times every year.

Favorite memory in Japan?


I’ve been here for so long that it’s hard to choose just one memory. I guess I’ll always remember the countless nice people I’ve met over the years. People have been so friendly to me.