Silly/scary Saturdays #19

Have you ever heard of the boogeyman?

It’s  a imaginary monster that children believe waited under the bed for their arms or legs to appear off the bed.

Some people thought that if their hand or foot was off the bed the boogeyman would grab it!

Also, some people felt that sleeping facing a wall was a risk as the boogeyman could attack from behind and you couldn’t see it.

I really used to believe these things when I was a kid especially facing a wall. That was a big risk!

Did you ever think about a boogeyman under your bed?



Drinks in Okinawa

This is habushu or Okinawa snake wine.

This is me in 2018.
This is me drinking habushu.
It was 1000 yen for this little cup.
It’s a rip off. (too expensive)
Looking at a snake in a bottle was cool.

Music box

Last year, my wife and I went to an interesting museum in Ito, Izu. It was a music box museum. A lot of these music boxes came from Europe, but some were made in Japan. Some used cylindrical rolls, others used discs or punched paper to play the music. Some of the more complex music boxes had drums, accordions, horns and violins playing with dolls.






Learn English From Movie Quotes



監督:グレッグ・モットーラ/Greg Mottola





Look, man. Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice.





gotta=have got toの省略=have to



have got to→カジュアル

have to→フォーマル

gottaは「~しなきゃ」という意味で口語でよく使われますが、とてもくだけた言い方なので注意しましょう。have toはどんな場面で使っても問題ないので、迷った時はこちらを使いましょう。

例:I gotta go.



roll the dice




例:Let’s roll the dice and see what happens .






Textbook Tuesday

Get rid of stress →ストレスを解消する

Get rid of the tension in my shoulders→肩こりを解消する

Taking a hot bath is a good way to get rid of stress.→暖かい湯船に浸かるのは、ストレス解消にいい

Doing yoga is a good way of getting rid of the tension in my shoulders.→ヨガは肩こり解消にいい

Pancake morning near Ometesando station

Pancake morning near Omotesando station.

I wouldn’t call myself a pancake person BUT these were the best pancakes I’ve ever had! A little expensive but worth it if you only go a few times a year 🙂

Check it out=