I had a lot of free time during the State of Emergency, so I started gardening. I’ve been working on improving my cooking, so I wanted to grow some herbs and vegetables. I got some free basil seeds, and, now, the seedlings are doing well. I also saved some paprika seeds and dried them in the sun. I was surprised that they actually sprouted. I hope I can cook with them in a few months.




Thanks to Michael Shillingburg for the gif from Gifhy

Animals in nature

I’m from Arkansas in the U.S. There are a lot of wild animals, and sometimes I miss being close to nature. So, when I see animals in Japan, I usually take a picture. There’s a small river near my apartment, and in the morning there are usually koi swimming around. It makes me want to go fishing. The other day I was at Magomezawa station and I saw some baby birds in a nest. Their mom was flying back and forth bringing them food. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture because she was too fast! In a few weeks I’m planning to go hiking somewhere on the Chiba peninsula, so I hope I can get some pictures of some other animals.




Silly Saturdays#12

Sam Cooke wasn’t that good in school.

A funny comic based on his song “What a wonderful World.”

Have a fantastic weekend!

Tequila Sunrises and Mexican Food

Last month, I was craving some Mexican food, so I cooked some black beans with taco rice and guacamole. Then I made these tequila sunrises to go with it. Keeping with the Mexican theme, my boyfriend and I watched Instructions Not Included while we ate. The movie was hilarious and the ending was really unexpected. It was a great night.

Do you ever get cravings? Tell us what you crave for.




Good walking route

One of my favorite walking courses is to get off the train at Kinshicho station and walk to Skytree. After that, I head to Sumidagawa and walk along the path beside the water to the Asahi building. Then, I usually cross the bridge and take a picture of all of the buildings together. Here are a couple of pictures from my last walk around that area.

If you get a chance, you should try that course. It’s nice.

Do you have any favorite routes to walk? Please share it with us




Jabble Family #2

Get to know your Jabble family.

Part two ;Chiba schools. Chiba and Funabashi.

1.What was your favorite toy as a kid?

2.At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? (max-out= reach your spending limit).

3.What was the worst punishment you received at school?

4.Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?

Chiba: Jesse, Paul and Yuki.


1. I used to love playing with Lego.
2. I would max-out my credit card at  Seijo Ishii Supermarket or any gourmet food supermarket.
3. I got double secret probation from my high school math teacher. Crime unknown.
4. I hang the toilet paper hanging over. I’m a sane person.
1. My favorite toy growing up was my proton pack.
2. I would go crazy on my Visa card at Tanakaya in Mejiro. Their beer selection is great.
3.I got a week of lunchtime detention. Crime unknown.
4. The toilet paper roll goes over!
1. My favorite toy when I was a kid was Lego.
2. I would spend everything on massages.
3. I’m an angel. I never got in trouble.
4. I don’t talk about toilet things.
Funabashi: Dave, Marshall, Chika, Mark and Samantha
1. My favorite toys were Transformers. They were so cool when i was a kid.
2.  I’d spend a lot at Golf 5.
3. I got earlier morning detention a few times for forgetting to take off my baseball hat in History class in grade 11.
4. I hand the toilet paper roll over.
1. My favorite toy was my nice drawing pencil set.
2. I would max my credit card at a home decor store.
3. I got dentition once because my dad was late driving me to school.
4. I hang toilet paper over.
1. My favorite toy was a teddy bear named Kuma.
2. I would max my credit card buying gemstones and minerals.
3. I never got in trouble! I never missed any homework.
4. I hang toilet paper over every time.
1. My favorite used to be Lego. I made spaceships and Star Wars fighters out of them.
2. I would max out my credit card at K’s Denki or Bic Camera.
3. My worst punishment at school was getting suspended for 3 days for playing paintball shirtless. 22 other guys also got suspended.
4.Hang toilet paper over if you are normal and under if you are a cat.

Learning English From Movie Quotes!

『フロリダ・プロジェクト 真夏の魔法/The Florida Project』(2017)
監督:ショーン・ベイカー/Sean Baker



I can always tell when adults are about to cry.


例:I can’t tell the difference between American accent and British accent.
例:How can you tell if diamonds are real?

be about to+動詞の原形
例:I am about to sleep.
例:I was about to call you.



Mind Challenge Monday#10

Let’s try and guess the block characters from Disney! What Disney characters are they?

I’ll give you #2 and #6.

#2 is Anger from Inside out

#6 is Tiana from the Princess and the Frog

Good luck with the rest!


Thanks to for the fun.