STAFF ジャブルの講師&スタッフ紹介


アメリカ アーカンソー州 リトルロック


時間がある時は何してますか?What do you do in your free time?


In my free time I like to visit my friends in Tokyo. We went to university together in America, so we’re still good friends. We go to dinner to catch up with each other, or just go to each other’s houses and hang out. I also like to find new music, play video games, and try new restaurants.

日本に来て驚いたことは?What has surprised you since you came to Japan?


I visited Japan in 2010 as a student to study Japanese. So, when I moved here in 2014, I wasn’t too surprised by cultural differences. One thing that still surprises me is how easy it is to get around. In America you need a car to go almost anywhere, so getting around by train is still one of my favorite differences from the US.

あなたのホームタウンで面白いところ、またはあなたのホームタウンで恋しいことは?Something interesting about your hometown or what do you miss about your hometown?


My hometown is pretty small, and not much happens there to be honest. The closest interesting places are Memphis and New Orleans. Memphis is famous for Blues, Rock, and Folk music; so a lot of musicians from the southern U.S. move there to try and make a career in music. New Orleans is famous for having great food and big parties every night. If you’re ever in the southern U.S., you should visit one!

日本でお気に入りの場所は?Favorite place in Japan?


That’s a tough choice. It’s not really a place, but I like the fact there are shrines everywhere in Japan, and they’re all unique. I think the fact that there are shrines in the most crowded parts of Tokyo and up in the mountains is unique and a nice bit of culture.

日本でのお気に入りの思い出は?Favorite memory in Japan?


This one is easier. During my first year in Japan, I lived in Niigata. A friend of mine invited me to go to a restaurant in Fukushima. Because of the earthquake in 2011, business was still very slow. So, the restaurant invited us to take a tour around Tsuruga-jo Castle and eat a free dinner. Dinner was amazing! We had A5 steak, fresh ayu, and matsutake for free! It was a great day, and we all had a great time.