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Events in Funabashi Jabble

Trick or Treat !🎃 How was your Halloween? Here at Jabble Funabashi, we dressed up for Halloween on the weekend of the 29th & 30th. Do you recognize the pantomime in the picture? 😂 We had a great time taking photos with our students.😊 One student surprised us by bringing a really nice camera!📷 You […]

Galette in Tokyo

みなさん、こんにちは! こないだ、都内にガレットを食べに行きました~! ガレットは数年前に日本で流行った気がしますが、フランスの料理の一種で、丸くて平たい料理やスイーツのことを指すそうです。 サーモンガレットを注文したのですが、とても美味しい😋 サーモン好きにはたまらないです!そして赤で統一された店内、外観はとってもかわいくて、素敵な空間でした✨ 気になる人はぜひ、行ってみてください☺ Hello! I went to have galette in Tokyo lately. It is one of the most popular French foods and galette is round and flat food or dessert. It reminded me of few years ago, when it was popular in Japan. I had Salmon galette and it was so so […]

Angie in Nikko!!

My friend and I decided to go to Nikko on a whim one day! It started raining but it was already too late to turn back. It eventually let up a little and we were able to enjoy the crisp, mountain air. The mist added to the mysterious atmosphere of Toshogu Shrine. It did make […]