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The Natural State


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Hello, I’m Marshall, one of the teachers at the Musashi-Kosugi school.
Today, I want to talk about one of the most popular activities where I’m from: camping. I’m from Arkansas state in the US, and its state nickname is “The Natural State”. So people come from all over the country, and occasionally from abroad, to take in the scenery and enjoy being out in nature.
Camping in Japan almost always takes place at a campsite that has all the amenities you could want. However, in many places in the US, not only can you camp anywhere, but you are responsible for bringing everything with you. That means no showers, no toilets, no vending machines, and sometimes, no other people!
The longest time I have spent camping was during my time in Boy Scouts. We camped near the Buffalo River (pictured above) for an entire week. We went rock climbing, hiking, paddled down the river, practiced archery, learned how to build a campfire, and other outdoor skills. It was incredibly fun, and I wish I could take another camping trip that long. Unfortunately, even though there are many beautiful places in Japan, camping is usually not allowed! But, I’ve decided that next time I visit the US, I will definitely spend a few days in the wilderness to relive those camping memories.




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