Daughter outsmarts her dad and gets 100$!


Dad: If you can get the money from under this cup without making the match fall or touching the match, then I’ll give you 100 dollars. But if it falls you gotta give me a 100 dollars.

Daughter: okay

Dad: Alright, no cheating this time, that’s all the rules. I ain’t gonna switch nothing up.

Daughter: I could move the cups and make the money fall but then the match is gonna fall…

Dad: Yah, It’s harder than you thought isn’t it. I mean you could drill a hole in the top of the cup or something and try to take the money out if you think you got the balance. You know what I’m sayin?


The dad thought he had created a foolproof test for his daughter but he was surprised to see her outsmart him!🤓 His reaction at the end was priceless.😂


It’s harder than (you/I) thought. : 思っていたより難しい

Foolproof :

Outsmart : 出し抜く


Gotta –> Got to : 〜しなければならない ”have to” の砕けた言い方

I ain’t gonna switch nothing up –> I’m not going to change anything : 何も変えることはしないよ。

You know what I’m sayin? –> Do you understand what I said/trying to say? (similar to right?) : 言ってること/何て言いたいかわかる?(そうでしょ?みたいなニュアンス)


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