TOEIC Vocabulary practice

Welcome to the fourth installment of the TOEIC vocabulary practice.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Part 1


Frank was searching on-line for some affordable places to live in Osaka. Last week he was told that he was being transferred to the Osaka branch.


Affordable (adjective); inexpensive; reasonably priced.


  1. That is an affordable ticket to Bangkok I think I’ll go.
  2. Toronto is looking at building some affordable housing next year.
  3. Q. Have you ever found affordable hotels in Kyoto?

Transfer (verb); a person who transfers or is transferred from one school, post, position, etc. to another.


  1.  I was transferred to the Tokyo branch a few years ago.
  2.  I think we have a few transfers coming in from Sapporo this April.
  3. Q. Have you ever been transferred overseas for work?


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