TOEIC Vocabulary practice

Part 9


Kathy met Samantha at a seminar on how to start a small business. They sat next to each other filling out a questionnaire. While they were filling out the papers they started talking about the seminar and found out that they were both interested in starting a dessert shop.


Seminar (noun); a conference or other meeting for discussion or training.


  1. The seminar on ‘how to best market your company’ was very useful.
  2. I want to go to a seminar in January about how to best protect yourself from hackers.
  3. Q. Have you ever seen one of seminars on TED talks? They are very informative and interesting.

Questionnaire (noun); a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers, devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study.


  1.  Please fill out the questionnaire on about your daily habits.
  2.  I filled out a questionnaire on finances and I learned a lot from the results.
  3.  Q. Have you completed the questionnaire about environment issues? It’s kind of hard.


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