TOEIC Vocabulary practice

Part 6


Kathy and Samantha have been talking about expanding their chocolate cake selection for some time now.

They were looking for a part timer to help out around the store. They were also hoping to find someone with some knowledge of cake baking that could contribute by adding to their dessert line up.


Expand (verb); become or make larger or more extensive.


  1. We are hoping to expand our stores into Asia by next year.
  2. That shopping mall is expanding and adding apartments.
  3. Did you know that a lot of English Premiership football clubs are expanding their stadiums?

Contribute (verb); give (something, especially money) in order to help achieve or provide something.


  1. I want to help contribute something to the project.
  2. Let’s all contribute ten dollars to the bosses gift.
  3. Did you contribute to the design of the web page yet?


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