出身     アメリカ/ミズーリ州/セントルイス

 来日した時期 :2017年

 講師歴    :3年

 校舎     :船橋校

 日本語    :○


What do you do in your free time?

私は昔からずっと読書が大好きなんです。小さい時は大体ファンタジーの物語を楽しんでいました。今はCath Crowleyの“Words in Deep Blue”がお気に入りです。

I’ve always loved reading. As a child I enjoyed fantasy stories the most. Now, my favorite book is “Words in Deep Blue” by Cath Crowley.
Also, recently, I started gardening. I think growing your own food can be really rewarding.

What has surprised you since you came to Japan?


The variety of fish I can order at a sushi restaurant surprised me. In Missouri we are at least 15 hours from the ocean, so we don’t eat much fish. We do like fried catfish though.

Something interesting about your hometown or what do you miss about your hometown?


I really miss eating gooey-butter cake. It’s a local food and my mother would only make it around Christmas time, but it is my favorite cake. It’s extremely unhealthy.

Favorite place in Japan?


My favorite place in Japan is Funabashi Andersen Park. The diversity of the landscaping makes the park beautiful all year. I especially like taking the canoes out onto the pond and eating the Danish food.

Favorite memory in Japan?


My favorite memory in Japan is dancing traditional bonodori in Kanamachi. It was my first summer in Japan and a bunch of kind ladies helped me put on a yukata. They gave me a fan and taught me the dances. After the dance was over everyone ate yakitori and drank beer together. It was a lot of fun.