出身     アメリカ/オクラホマ州/トルサ

 来日した時期 2010年

 講師歴    10年

 校舎     新橋校



What do you do in your free time?


I love planning things out in advance with family and friends so that every day I have off I am meeting someone or going out somewhere. My wife and I like to host lunch and dinner parties at our home. I also enjoy spending time outdoors hiking and camping. At home I have a large garden and aquarium to look after. Most of my time this year is now spent playing with my baby girl and going out with my wife.

What has surprised you since you came to Japan?


I was surprised to see mothers carrying groceries and two children on their bikes and how many people don`t use air conditioning during summer.

Something interesting about your hometown or what do you miss about your hometown?

フランシス・フォード・コッポラが撮った映画【The Outsiders】です。

Francis Ford Coppola filmed the movie “The Outsiders” in Tulsa

Favorite place in Japan?


The smallest Izu island, To-shima is my favorite place in Japan. Life stands still on that island. Only 300 people live there and it is one of the quietest and most peaceful places I have ever been. People do not lock their doors. There are only two very small shops left unattended. The view from the top of the mountain there is incredible.

Favorite memory in Japan?


My favorite memory in Japan is waking up in a tent on New Years` Day on the top of a mountain in Okutama.