7月の月刊テーマはオススメ漫画! #1『地獄楽』


For our first recommendation we have Hell’s Paradise! If you loved manga like Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin, or Attack on Titan, you will love this dark psychological thriller.


暗殺任務の最中に捕まった画眉丸は死刑を宣告される。しかし、超人的な肉体を持つ彼を処刑することは不可能だった。妻への愛情から彼は無意識的に死を遠ざけようとしているのだと悟った山田浅ェ門 佐切は、彼にチャンスを与える。それはもし画眉丸が、その存在すら確かではない神仙郷と呼ばれる伝説の島より、不老不死の薬を持ち帰れば、全ての罪を不問に付すというもであった。派遣調査団を5回に渡り失った将軍は、今回は死刑囚の一団を島へ派遣することに決める。彼らにはそれぞれ、山田一門の処刑人が付けられた。無罪放免を得るためには死刑囚は彼らと一緒に島から戻らなくてはならない。死刑囚、処刑人、そして不死身の化物が、島での生き残りを懸けて熾烈な戦いを繰り広げる。はたしてこの戦いを制するのは誰か。
Captured during an assassination mission, Gabimaru is sentenced to be executed, but nothing seems to kill him due to his superhuman body. Believing his love for his wife to be subconsciously keeping him alive, executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri offers him the chance to be pardoned of all crimes if he finds the elixir of life on Shinsenkyo, a legendary island recently discovered that might not even be of this world. After losing five expedition teams sent to the island, this time the Shogunate sends a group of death row convicts. The convicts are each given a Yamada Asaemon executioner, who they must return with in order to obtain the pardon. Convicts, executioners, and immortals battle to survive and make it off the island. Let’s just hope the ‘good guys’ make it out.


When I first started Hell’s Paradise, I didn’t expect much. Once I started though, I couldn’t put it down! Yuji Kaku has created an intense world, be it visually or morally. He blurs the lines between Hell and Paradise, good and evil, right and wrong. Instead of a protagonist that ‘never gives up!’, ‘stands by justice!’ and ‘can do anything as long as he puts his mind to it!’ we are introduced to Gabimaru.  Who is in no way the good guy, this villain/hero character is a new twist that I really enjoyed. Filled with plot twists, heart wrenching back stories, and easy to love characters I really recommend this manga!


assassination: 暗殺
execute: 死刑を執行する
subconsciously: 無意識に
convict: 囚人、受刑者