7月の月刊テーマはオススメ漫画! #3『7SEEDS』


月刊テーマ最終回は、私一番のお気に入り漫画「7 SEEDS」をご紹介します!

In our last post for recommendations we have one of my all-time favorite manga, 7 SEEDS!
This story is heart wrenching, post-apocalyptic story that will have you hooked for all 35 volumes.


7 Seeds tells the story of how the Japanese government prepared five teams to wake up in a future world following a mass extinction on Earth (caused by a meteor). Each team consists of seven people plus a guide and are programmed to awaken only when the world readjusts to a livable state. By this point, the entire landscape has shifted – there’s new ecosystems, new species, and constant uncertainties. The teams are named after the seasons, with two summer teams, A and B. B is filled with the old-world “rejects”, or those they thought had no chance as survival while A includes kids born and bred for the purpose of this project. With the fact that they were never told about the project before being put into sleeping pods (except group summer A), each team has to try and survive in this new brutal world to continue the existence of Japan.

This manga is  amazing. It’s mysterious, slightly terrifying and just romantic enough to add some drama without taking away from the main story.  7 Seeds tells a post-apocalyptic story with such depth and heart that you can’t help but get swept into the story and its very distinctive characters. Despite the sheer number of plot lines and number of characters, the manga never strays from its main plot; each arc is interesting and distinctive, and I never once feel the urge to fast forward through it. It’s definitely not a manga you’d read easily but one that makes you sit on the edge of your seat thinking and guessing about what’s going to happen next.


all-time favorite: これまでで一番の
extinction: 滅亡
purpose: 目的
distinctive: 特徴のある、独特な、個性的な