Winter Olympics drone light show

They used 1218 drones for this awesome light show at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. It’s pretty impressive how far drones have come in recent years. I wonder how they prevent unlicensed drones from filming the Olympics in outdoor events these days. They probably use other drones to take them down.


Pigeon takes the JR

Just a pigeon on his way to work. I wonder if he has a commuter pass.

Lazy bird taking a train


How to move a temple

Here’s how they moved a 2000 ton temple in Shanghai.


Dog’s first toy

This dog was rescued from an abusive home, and now he gets to pick his first toy for his new home! It looks like he’s taking the decision very seriously!

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Origami robot

Check out this tiny robot they made at MIT! They call it an origami robot, because it folds and unfolds by itself. Someone can swallow one and they can control it from outside with magnets. It can do some small kinds of surgery without any cutting.