Modern Family Monday

Trendy Thursday

What’s hot in Japan? It seems Mister Doughnuts has got the hot new items.

Last year Mister Doughnuts collaborated with  PIERRE HERMÉ Patisserie ‘ and this year they got together with Pierre Marcolini

Are you going to line up for these luxury desserts?


It seems Mister Doughnuts has the hot new items. (looks like but I’m not certain)

It seems like every time I start eating my cat starts mewing loudly. (looks like but not a fact)

It seems that the printer is broken. (stopped working but we are not sure)

Learn English From Movie Quotes!



監督:ドゥニ・ヴィルヌーブ /Denis Villeneuve



本日ご紹介するのは、カナダ人監督ドゥニ・ヴィルヌーブの傑作サスペンスアクション『ボーダーライン』です。アメリカとメキシコの国境で起こる麻薬戦争を描いた本作は、数々の賞にノミネートされ、非常に高い評価を得ました。圧倒的なリアリティと緊迫感で、その重苦しい現実と負の連鎖が描かれます。撮影は私の大好きなロジャー・ディーキンス、素晴らしい音楽を作ったのはヨハン・ヨハンソン(2018年に急逝されました。非常に残念です)。脚本のテイラー・シェンダリンは、監督としても『ウインド・リバー』というこれまた素晴らしい作品を作っています。そして監督のドゥニ・ヴィルヌーブはその後も『メッセージ』『ブレードランナー2049』などの良作を輩出し続け、ハリウッドでその名を確固たるものにしています。今年公開予定の『デューン 砂の惑星』も楽しみですね!




Nothing will make sense to your American ears.




make sense (to~)


例:That makes sense.


例:That doesn’t make sense to me.


例:You are not making any sense.







Textbook Tuesday


A. It takes longer and it costs more, but in my opinion, it’s so much better.

B. It takes longer and it costs more to fly to Hawaii, but in my opinion, it’s so much better than going to Guam.==== ハワイに飛ぶより時間もコストもかかるが、個人的にはグアムの方が断然いいと思う。

C. It’s much harder to make it but in my opinion it so much better to make osechi than to buy it.===大変だが、個人的にはおせちは買うよりも手作りする方が断然いいと思う。

Common Mistakes

Let’s look at some common mistakes and how to better say what we want to say.

Meiji Shrine

We went to Meiji Shrine at the end of September. It’s one of my favorite areas in Tokyo to just walk around. We were lucky because we could see a traditional style wedding taking place.

When was the last time you went to Meiji shrine?



Trendy Thursday

Trendy Thursday. Let’s have a look at a hot musical group, BTS.


It looks like people can’t get enough of BTS.-みんなBTSに全然飽きる気配なさそうだね。Or  :みんなBTSに夢中みたいだね。


It seems like whenever I turn on the TV the music group BTS is on.-テレビつけるといつもBTSってグループが映ってる気がする


BTS is always on TV.-BTSはいつもテレビに出ている。


Why are they so popular?

According to Talent Recap website there are two main reasons. The subjects of their songs and their performances.


Let’s have a listen to their song Dynamite that is currently number 3 in Japan.

Watching commentary

It starts off with one of the BTS boys shooting us. That’s pretty cool.

He feels like he is flying in the stars. Must be a good feeling.

Then the man talks about wearing shoes , drinking milk and listening to rock and roll in his room. Hmmm that doesn’t sound very cool. Maybe he’s thinking about when he was 5 years old. Lets see.

King Kong, drums, walking home, jump like Lebron….Call him on the telephone ,he’s drinking Iced tea and playing ping pong…..He sure likes very young kids drinks and activities.

Now it’s  getting heavy with  a bass and life is honey…money…diamonds, glow up. I dunno what’s happening anymore.


Anyhow Dynamite seems like a wholesome song for young kids. Nothing wrong with that.


What do you think about BTS. We would like to know.


Discovering food

One of my favorite foods that I’ve discovered while traveling was Uzbeki/Russian food. Most of the dishes are based around spiced chicken, mutton, or beef. They are usually skewered, over rice, or in big stews. Even the bread has meat inside of it! Side dishes are often different pickled or baked vegetables, like carrots, tomato, or eggplant. If you like meat, you’ll love Uzbeki food!


Mori Museum; STARS exhibition

We went over to the Mori Museum to check out the STARS exhibit. It was really a lot of fun. The pieces were very interesting and some were thought provoking! (思考を刺激する)

It was work by the following six artists.

Yayoi Kusama, Lee Ufan, Tatsuo Miyajima, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Go check it out!