Textbook Tuesday#1

Get used to: 〜に慣れる(経験によって慣れたニュアンス)この文だとHad to get used to なので、〜に慣れなければいけなかった、になります。

I have to get used to waking up early for work.

I had to get used to waking up early for my new job. I’m used to it now.

I can’t get used to waking up early for work. I’m just so tired.


Silly Saturdays #12

Let’s go wayyyy back to 1998. American Rap group Beastie Boys filmed their video Intergalactic in Shibuya and Shinjuku stations.  It was a tribute to Kaiju movies. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

Train photos from Jabble teachers

Photos of a yellow train from Sam

Nik’s photo of scooter waiting for the Keisei train to pass.

Kenny’s photo of SKM Warsaw airport train

Learning English From Movie Quotes!

『ダージリン急行/The Darjeeling Limited』(2007)
監督:ウェス・アンダーソン/Wes Anderson


今週は、“Train Week”ということで、列車にまつわる映画をご紹介いたします!





I wonder if the three of us would have been friends in real life.
Not as brothers, but as people.



I wonder if ~

例:I wonder if she still likes me.


例:I was wondering if you could babysit tomorrow night.
※I was wondering とよく過去進行形の形で使われます。「~かなと思ってたんだ」というニュアンスです。

would/could/should +have+過去分詞
起こった事実に反する事を仮定して述べる時に使うのが、仮定法過去完了ですが、「if 節」がない形でもよくつかわれます。台詞の場合は、「もし兄弟じゃなく出会ってたら、友達になっただろうか」といった感じの仮定の話をしているので、この形になります。

例:I would have called you if I had known your number.

例:I could have done it better.

例:You should have told me earlier.




Electronic music in Shinjuku

In my free time I like to play music. Here is a picture of me playing from about 3 years ago in front of Shinjuku station . (I was quite slim then!!)
It was quite unusual for people to see someone playing electronic
music at the station. I got some funny looks, but it was a lot of fun.



Jabble teachers listen to bad jokes part 1

Can you understand the bad joke? If not please ask us for help.



Train week!

Jabble is going to have a full week of train posts from August 31st to September 6th.

TRAIN WEEK!!!! 電車 オタク!!!!

Train picture contest!

We want your best train picture! We will give the winner a 500 yen coupon to use on Amazon Prime


Mind Challenge Monday #11

Today we have an observation quiz. Follow the link below to test your observation skills! You don’t need to sign up.

We did pretty well! Our skills are on point.

On point=extremely good