Tabby’s dog!

My name is Annabelle!
I’m a 4 year old husky living in Seattle, Washington.
My favorite thing to do is play in muddy puddles. My mom tells me not to but I never listen.
I’m different from other dogs because I have one blue eye and one brown eye.

Learn English From Movie Quotes!



監督:ジム・ジャームッシュ/Jim Jarmusch





Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on.







例:You are just like your father.


例:These shoes are so light. It’s like walking on air.


例:I don’t feel like going out.



例:You look like you didn’t get much sleep last night.



例:I like traveling solo.


例:I would like some more water.



例:When one of my American friends first ate Natto he was like,“what is this⁉”


例:My boyfriend asked me to go skydiving with him and I was like,“no way.”







I saw two cats on my way to work the other day.

The orange one was very cute. He was sleeping on the motorcycle. When I tried to take his picture, he woke up. He lay down by my feet and asked me to pet him, but he was dirty, so I didn’t pet him.
The black and white cat seemed angry. He was meowing very loudly. I think he is the cat that wakes me up everyday with his loud meowing.


Textbook Tuesday


1. Looking back I think it was the right choice. 今思えば、それは正しい選択だったと思う

2. Looking back I think getting a dog was the right decision. 今思えば、犬を飼ったのは正しい決断だったと思う

3. Looking back I never should have fed my cat so much sushi. 今思えば、飼い猫にあんなに寿司を与えるべきじゃなかった

Mind Challenge Monday #22

How much do you know about healthy eating habits f0r dogs?

Try this quiz! We got 63% We don’t know so much about dogs…

Good luck!

Jesse’s dream pet

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets.  But if I could have any pet, I’d get a micro pig. If you aren’t familiar with them, you should look them up. They are super cute. Here is my idea of what my micro pig would look like.


Silly Saturdays #22

Look at all the different facial expressions shown in just a few seconds!
Anticipation, expectation, joy, uncertainty, disbelief, disappointment and absolute shock.

Nik’s cat!

I’m Maron chan.

I like seafood.

I like waking up at 530am and making noise.

I run after going to the toilet.

Nik picks me up like this because I have a bad stomach.

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