Bubble Hockey!

One thing I miss from Toronto is bubble hockey. It’s similar to  foosball or Table football but with HOCKEY!

It doesn’t get much more fun that this!




Tech Thursday

The Nintendo switch is selling like hotcakes. (飛ぶように売れる)

‘The news reflects the demand for the Switch and blockbuster game titles including Animal Crossing, which has proved a hit during the isolation of the pandemic.”

People staying at home created a demand for the portable game system.

Did you buy the Nintendo switch since the pandemic began?

Learn English From Movie Quotes!

『ビフォア・サンライズ/Before Sunrise』(1995) 

監督:リチャード・リンクレイター /Richard Linklater




Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?





everything [we do in life]=主語(S)

a way [to be loved a little more]=補語(C)




例:Aren’t you tired?(疲れてない?/疲れてないの?)

例:Didn’t I tell you about that?(これ言ってなかったっけ?)

例:Isn’t he cute?(彼かっこよくない?)




例:You are tired, aren’t you?(疲れたでしょ?)/You aren’t tired, are you?(疲れてないでしょ?)

例:I told you about that, didn’t I?(これ言ってあったよね?)/I didn’t tell you about that, did I?(これ言ってなかったよね?)

例:He is cute, isn’t he? (彼かっこよくない?)/He isn’t cute, is he?(彼かっこよくないよね?)

a way to 動詞の原型 


台詞では、to の後にbe動詞がきて受動態の形をとっており、「愛されるための手段」となっています。

例:I need to find a way to solve the problem as soon as possible.





Textbook Tuesday


1)By the time we got to the top, it was cold and rainy. 私たちが頂上に着いた頃には、気温が下がり、雨も降っていた。

2)By the time I arrived at the restaurant, everyone had already started eating. 私がレストランに着いた頃には、みんなもう食べ始めていた。

3) By the time he was 10, he could speak 3 languages. 10歳になる頃には、彼は三か国語を話していた。

Mind Challenge Monday

Riddle time!

Today we have two riddles to solve. Good luck!


1. What English word has 3 consecutive double letters in it?

WOOLLEN has 2 consecutive double letters. OO and LL.


2.You see a boat full of people on it. It hasn’t sunk but when you look again not a single person is on the boat? Why?



A trip to Tokyo Aleworks

Kenny mentioned that there was a great new beer place in Yurakucho called Tokyo Ale Works.. We went there for 3-4 beers and I can say he was right. The beer there is AMAZING. Here are a few random photos.

The Hop Samarye beer is delicious !





They have a good bottled beer there as well.

Technology Thursday

Does anyone use their phone so much the battery has died? (電池切れだ)

Have you ever tried an external battery? I bought one last year but it’s too heavy. It’s not really practical. (それは実践的ではありません)

I asked a few people and they said RAV Power 10000mAh Power Bank is pretty good.

It’s small, light weight and has good recharging power. It sells for 3,999 yen on Amazon so it’s not so expensive.

OO7 quiz!

With the passing of Sean Connery, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the popular James Bond 007 movie series.

Here are a few questions to check you 007 knowledge.

  1. Why is Bond called 007?
  2. How many Bond movies have been made so far?
  3. How many Bond movies did Sean Connery appear in?
  4. What is James Bond’s signature gun?
  5. Where does the name James Bond come from?
  6. What was featured for the first time ever in a movie that appeared in Goldfinger?
  7. Which 007 movies had the highest and lowest kill counts in all the Bond movies?