Silly Saturdays#14

Pretending to work on Monday.

Look at those big eyes!



Dog cafe

I went to a dog cafe in Asakusa the other day. It was a pretty good 30 minutes! The dogs were running around and playing with various toys. Some of them had funny clothes on. Enjoy the photos!




Textbook Tuesday#2


Be supposed to: 〜することになっている、や、〜するはずとゆう意味。ここでは、wasと過去形になっているので、〜するはずだった(しなかった)になります。


I’m supposed to go to a movie tonight but I don’t feel so well.

I was supposed to go to a movie last night but I didn’t feel so well. I stayed home instead.


Mind Challenge Monday#14


The Australian Quiz

True or False

  1. The Didgeridoo is also used as a weapon. True or False?

  2. The Great Australian Bight is an open bay on the south coast of Australia. True or False?

  3. Paul Hogan became famous by playing the role of a crocodile hunter in Crocodile Dundee. True or False?

  4. Mt Kosciuszko is an active volcano. True or false?

  5. The Great Australian Bight has no beaches. Only cliff faces. True or False?

  6. The Platypus has a venomous spur that can cause a lot of pain. True or False?

  7. Vegemite is a dessert in Australia. True or False?

  8. The Koala sleeps for 18 hours a day. True or False?

Multiple choice

  1. The reason the Blue Mountains in Sydney are blue is:


  1. Because of the Eucalyptus leaves b) Because of the clouds c) because of the amount of fires. The smoke makes the mountains blue.


2. The Australian movie, ‘The Castle’ is about:


  1. The first castle built in Australia b) About a man defending his family home c) About a boy and his imaginary castle


3. Vegemite is made from:


  1. A combination of bush tucker found in the outback b) yeast from the bottom of the barrels of beer c) fermented cocoa beans


4. The Capital of Australia is:


  1. Sydney b) Darwin c) Uluru d) Canberra


5. The Australian movie ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ is about:


  1. Australia’s first attempt to have a queen b) Drag queens who perform shows in the outback and small rural towns c) A documentary about the Wajiri queen bee and the activity in the hive


6.  The City to Surf event held in Sydney is a:


  1. A cycling race b) a mini marathon c) An outdoor art festival


7. Which celebrity didn’t appear on the famous TV soap opera ‘Neighbors’


  1. Russell Crowe b) Guy Pearce c) Nicole Kidman d) Kylie Minogue


8. The Australian Movie ‘Animal Kingdom’ is about:


  1. A documentary of the Australian animals in the outback b) An eccentric Australian zoo keeper c)  A crime family in Melbourne

Thanks for the quiz Mark!


References and links:



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  3. The Great Australian Bight

  4. Mt. Kosciosko

  5. The Australian movie ‘The Castle’

  6. The Australian movie ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’

  7. The City 2 Surf mini-marathon in Sydney

  8. The Australian TV Show ‘Neighbours’

  9. The Australian movie ‘Animal Kingdom’

Shakurel Planet

Last year, when my wife and I were walking through Akasaka, we saw this vending machine. It had a bunch of funny animal figurines. The ones that I liked the best were the Shakurel Planet animals. All the animals have really big chins. I want to know why all these animals have big chins.



Learn English From Movie Quotes

『わたしは、ダニエル・ブレイク/I, Daniel Blake』(2016)
監督:ケン・ローチ/Ken Loach




When you lose your self-respect, you are done for.



Be done for

例:I’m done for.


例:I’m done for the day.

例:I’m done.

例:I’m done with her.






Textbook Tuesday#1

Get used to: 〜に慣れる(経験によって慣れたニュアンス)この文だとHad to get used to なので、〜に慣れなければいけなかった、になります。

I have to get used to waking up early for work.

I had to get used to waking up early for my new job. I’m used to it now.

I can’t get used to waking up early for work. I’m just so tired.


Mind challenge Monday#13

Today’s brain teaser!


A cat and rabbit weigh 10kg. A dog and rabbit weigh 20kg. A dog and cat weigh 24kg. How much do the rabbit, cat and dog weigh all together?

good luck!