Tequila Sunrises and Mexican Food

Last month, I was craving some Mexican food, so I cooked some black beans with taco rice and guacamole. Then I made these tequila sunrises to go with it. Keeping with the Mexican theme, my boyfriend and I watched Instructions Not Included while we ate. The movie was hilarious and the ending was really unexpected. It was a great night.

Do you ever get cravings? Tell us what you crave for.




Learning English From Movie Quotes!

『ブロークバック・マウンテン/Brokeback Mountain』(2005) 
監督:アン・リー/Ang Lee





I wish I knew how to quit you.




I wish+仮定法過去
I wishの使い方は色々ありますが、後に続く節を過去形にすることで、現在における(実現の可能性が低い)願望を表現します。過去形ですが現在の願望なので注意してください。

例:I wish you could understand my feelings.

例:I wish I were a millionaire.

※I wishの後の文では、be動詞の場合、主語が何であれ、wasではなくwereになります。実際には口語だとwasを使っている人も多いですが。

How to+動詞の原形
この台詞の場合はhow to quit(=やめる) youなので、直訳すると「あなたをやめる方法」です。この状況での自然な訳としては「あなたを諦める方法」や「あなたと別れる方法」といったところでしょうか。

例:I don’t know how to get through this.


※get through  (困難などを)乗り切る




How many can you get?

A friend sent me this image to challenge me and see how many I can get right. It contains some abstract images of famous movies and TV shows characters (mostly cartoons & animation). Now, I am challenge you on How many you can get?  (Again…Do not google it!! Ha ha ha)

Please write down the answers, but only the number of the image you could guess.



Back to the future the musical

A friend of mine in England went to see this musical last week. I’m not really a big fan of musicals, but I think this one looks really good. I love the movie and I hope I get the chance to see how it works as a musical.

Are there any classic movies that you would like to see turned into musicals?


Minimalism ミニマリズム 映画

Yesterday I finished watching an interesting documentary called Minimalism.

Here’s a link to the movie on IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase):

The guys that made the movie have a website:

Here’s how they describe minimalism:

Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything inherently wrong with owning material possessions. Today’s problem seems to be the meaning we assign to our stuff: we tend to give too much meaning to our things, often forsaking our health, our relationships, our passions, our personal growth, and our desire to contribute beyond ourselves. Want to own a car or a house? Great, have at it! Want to raise a family and have a career? If these things are important to you, then that’s wonderful. Minimalism simply allows you to make these decisions more consciously, more deliberately.

Well I thought it was pretty interesting. Check it out if you have a chance. If any of you have Netflix, you can watch it (with Japanese subtitles) there.