Ayami in ローマ!


Out of all the big cities that I’ve visited, Rome is probably my favorite. I wasn’t planning to go to Italy, but when I was in Morocco, it turned out that one of my friends was coming to Florence, the central-northern city in Italy. So I took a cheap flight to Rome thinking that I would stay there just for few days and then head to Florence. I didn’t expect much from Rome. I thought it would be just another touristy and crowded city. Well, I was right. But that doesn’t matter at all. Rome is amazing! It all comes down to those ruins from 2000 years ago. And they’re everywhere. Even if you didn’t pay to get inside those ruins and just walked around the city, you can still see A LOT. It’s not that difficult to imagine that once the Roman Empire actually flourished here. What I thought was funny was that the infrastructure there, especially the metro system, wasn’t great because every time they tried to do some construction, they always found more ruins!

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