I was in Sicily couple of years ago. It’s the largest island in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea, where lots of great movies were filmed, such as The Godfather, Il Postino and Cinema Paradiso. During my stay in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, I took a bus to a small town called Cefalu, which is one of the filming locations of Cinema Paradiso. Do you remember the scene of the open-air cinema on the sea? While people are enjoying a movie on the boats, Toto, the protagonist, is feeling sorry for himself. He misses his girl friend who now is somewhere far away. But then unexpectedly a storm arrives, and so does his lover. It’s probably one of the most beloved movie scenes of all time. I was at the beach where it was shot!

during: 〜の間
protagonist: 主人公
unexpectedly: 突然に、思いがけず
beloved: 愛されている