Yuki’s dog Luke!

My name is Luke!

I am 9 years old.

I live in Hamamatsu city.

I like being a couch potato all day.

My favorite thing is everything except for dog food.

If I need to choose, I’d say アグー豚 and shine muscat grapes.

I think I’m more of a foodie than Yuki is!





Pet month!

From November 9th to 22nd.

Let’s all share pictures and stories of our pets.

If you post a photo of your pet you have a chance to win a prize!

Pet month!

November 9th-22nd!

Let’s all share pictures and stories of our pets.

If you post a photo of your pet you have a chance to win a prize!

Hello guys! My name is Tabby.

Hello guys! My name is Tabby and i recently joined the Jabble team! I love doing all sorts of art in my free time, especially painting. I often invite my friends over to enjoy painting together. What kind of art do you like?




Technology Thursday

Today’s recommend item is a step counting app called Pedometer.

I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and it’s very easy to use.



Do you watch how many steps you take in a day?


Learn English From Movie Quotes!

『アベンジャーズ インフィニティ・ウォー/Avengers: Infinity War』(2018)
監督:ルッソ兄弟 /Russo brothers





Thor: I assume you’re the captain, sir?

Rocket: You’re very perceptive.


I assume~

例:Mark assumed there was going to be a meeting this Wednesday, but there wasn’t.




例:She made some perceptive comments about society on the TV show.




Textbook Tuesday

I always try to stay inside as much as possible.  いつもできる限り家にいるようにしている

I always try to eat as much as possible when I go to an all you can eat restaurant.食べ放題に行く時はいつも、できる限りたくさん食べるようにしている

I always try to sleep as much as possible on my days off. 休みの日はいつも、できるだけたくさん寝るようにしている

Mind Challenge Monday #20

The odd one out! which of the 4 words doesn’t belong?


Natto     Kimichi    Ice cream    Miso

Ice cream doesn’t belong because it isn’t fermented.


1.Coffee     2. Green tea     3.  Mint tea     4. Hot chocolate

1.Moth     2. Termite    3.Ant     4 Flea

1.Vest     2. Pajamas     3. Suit     4.Sweat

1.Bracelet     2. Ring     3. Earnings     4. Glasses

1.Win     2. Goals   3. Lose    4. Draw/Tie

1.Menu     2. Restaurant bill/check    3. cheese platter    4. Wine list