Steve Jobs

Today I learned that Steve Jobs could have avoided a premature death from cancer by having it properly treated with modern medicine. He refused it for 9 months because he believed alternative medicine and diet would be better. It was one of his biggest regrets. I hope some people who are interested in alternative medicine find out about this famous case and realize the importance of modern medicine.
Here’s the wikipedia article that I read:


Dogs can tell when you’re laughing

I learned something really interesting about dogs today. Some scientists did some MRI scans on dogs to see how their brains responded to human voices. Apparently, the dogs’ brains responded to the voices in a similar way to humans’ brains. The scientists think that because dogs have lived alongside humans for so long, they have evolved to understand human emotions like happiness and sadness by listening to their voices. Here’s the full article if you’re interested, but it has a lot of scientific words in it:

English note:

“Dogs can tell when you’re laughing” means: dogs understand when you’re laughing.


Can you tell where he is from? (by hearing his accent)

Can you tell which way is north? (by looking at the sun)

I can tell he doesn’t like spicy food. (by looking at his face)

My mom can tell when I’m lying. (by looking at my face)


Nintendo’s President

I read about how the president of Nintendo cut his own salary in half after the company’s sales figures went down. It really stuck out in my mind because in the U.S., there are so many stories of companies firing workers to save money while the executives get paid millions. There’s such a big contrast. I wish more companies would be like Nintendo.


Today I learned (TIL) about Kaizen

I just read a really interesting article on reddit from the TIL (Today I Learned) subreddit. It’s about how Toyota helped the New York City food bank. The food bank serves food for free to a lot of poor people, so it’s really important for them. A lot of major companies donate money to the food bank, but Toyota offered Kaizen instead. Toyota engineers managed to reduce the wait time for people in line for food from 90 minutes to 18 minutes. I think it’s a great example of how you can help people by using creative thinking, and not just by spending money.

Here’s a link to the article:



今回のためになる英語は、” I can’t stand ~”で、日本語の意味は「~は我慢できない」、「~は耐えられない」となります。動詞 stand の「立つ」とは全く関係ない意味になりますので、こちらはフレーズとして覚えて下さいね。

A: Do you have any plans this summer ?

B:I’m planning on going to Karuizawa.

A: Oh, yeah? That sounds very nice!

B: Summer in Tokyo is terrible. I can’t stand the heat in the city.

A: I know what you mean.



I can’t stand the smell of natto.

I can’t stand the crowded trains in Japan.

I can’t stand living downtown in a major city.


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Since I came to Japan, I’ve been studying Japanese using a textbook called Genki. I like it because it’s easy to understand and has a funny art style. Recently I was learning how to use しておくand I came across this funny example:

A famous prophet said that there will be a big earthquake next week. Tell what the people below will do in advance:


He really buys what the prophet said if he’s planning to sell his house!



今回のためになる英語は、”Keep  in mind that ….” です。

・・・(that 以下)は覚えておいてね。心に留めておいてね”という意味になります。


Teacher : It seems that we have to cancel the marathon today due to bad weather.


Student : Yay, we don’t have to run! Running is the worst.


Teacher : Okay, but keep in mind that you are going to have to run sometime next week.




Keep in mind that you have to bring your own food and drinks to the potluck party.


Keep in mind that you have to finish the report by noon Friday.


Keep in mind that you need a Visa to travel to Brazil.



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A subreddit about dogs

I was showing Chika some posts on reddit yesterday and we came across a subreddit called RarePuppers. I had never seen the word “pupper” before, but it’s clear that it means puppy, or dog in general, since the subreddit is all about dogs.

Someone posted this gif, of a dog helping with a garden:

This is the thing I love about reddit. There are always new and interesting subreddits to discover.


Evangelion Karaoke

Recently I went out for karaoke with some friends in Shibuya, and we noticed they had an Evangelion room. It cost a little more, but we were curious, so we tried it out. The walls were completely covered with images from Evangelion. I saw the movies a while ago, so I thought it was pretty cool, but some of my friends were really big fans of the show, so they loved it.

9/10 would do Evangelion Karaoke again.

(For reddit posts it’s common to end a story by rating your experience out of 10 and saying whether you would do it again)