Learn English From Movie Quotes

『暴力脱獄/Cool Hand Luke』(1967)
監督:スチュアート・ローゼンバーグ/Stuart Rosenberg


本日は少し古い映画からご紹介したいと思います。刑務所が舞台のこの映画。主人公ルークは戦争を経験した後、社会のシステムに馴染めず、つまらない罪で捕まってしまいました。『暴力脱獄』っていう、グロいB級映画のような謎の邦題がつけられていますが…、実際は素晴らしい社会は作品になっております。原題は『Cool Hand Luke』で、Cool Handというのはポーカーなどのゲームの「最高の手」を意味し、ポーカーなどで飄々と掛け金を積んでいくルークに、囚人達がつけたあだ名です。



What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.



what we/I have got here
上の台詞の文では、「what we’ve got here」までが関係代名詞what を使用した名詞句として主語になっています。what we/I have got hereは今、自分が手にしているもの、その場にあるものを誰かに見せたり、紹介したりする時などによく使います。

例:Look what I’ve got here!


例:I just got here.

failure to~

例:Her failure to understand the situation is a problem for her co-workers.


例:I was a failure in business.





OO7 quiz!

With the passing of Sean Connery, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the popular James Bond 007 movie series.

Here are a few questions to check you 007 knowledge.

  1. Why is Bond called 007?
  2. How many Bond movies have been made so far?
  3. How many Bond movies did Sean Connery appear in?
  4. What is James Bond’s signature gun?
  5. Where does the name James Bond come from?
  6. What was featured for the first time ever in a movie that appeared in Goldfinger?
  7. Which 007 movies had the highest and lowest kill counts in all the Bond movies?



Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan

We went to watch day 13 of the November sumo Tournament and it was so much fun.


I really like it when they bring out all the wrestlers from the East and West and introduce them. Here’s a short clip of it. Don’t mind the old man passing in front of the camera hahaha.

My 5 favorite wrestlers at the moment are 1) Terunofuji 2) Ryuden

3) Kotoecho 4) Daieisho and 5)Tobizaru.

Do you have a favorite sumo wrestler?  We would really like to know.


Textbook Tuesdays

1)If you don’t go to the restaurant early, it can be hard to get a seat.-そのレストランは、早めに行かないと席を取るのが難しい

2) If you don’t apply now to get into the seminar, it might be impossible to get in. -そのセミナーは、今すぐ申し込まないと席の確保ができないだろう

3) If you don’t start now, it will be harder to finish before the deadline.-今すぐ始めないと、締め切り前に終わらせるのは厳しい

Mind Challenge Monday #23

Word game!

Here is a game called Boggle. We can see letters in a 4 by 4 grid.

So our job is to make words from the letters. they can be 3 letter words, 4 letter words, 5 letter words , 6 letter words and even some 7 letter words.

We make words by connecting the letters . Look at example 1.

Example 1

    You can see that we have connected N O S and E together to spell NOSE. That’s 1 four                                                                                           letter word.


Example 2

Here we connected L E S S O and N to spell LESSON. A 5 letter word.


How many words can you find? we finished with 38 words

Pet month is finished today

Well pet month has come to an end. It was a lot of fun.


We only got one student’s pet photo story/entry so we are disappointed but that’s life.

Tabby’s dog!

My name is Annabelle!
I’m a 4 year old husky living in Seattle, Washington.
My favorite thing to do is play in muddy puddles. My mom tells me not to but I never listen.
I’m different from other dogs because I have one blue eye and one brown eye.

Kelly’s dog!


Meet Monty, the best dog in the history of the universe. (ha ha)
Not only is he super cute, but I’ve never met a dog with a better personality. He’s really social and loves everyone he meets, including other dogs!
Every day that I slept on the air mattress, he would wake me up by laying across my face and neck so that I would scratch him. Then, when he was done being scratched on one side, he’d flip over, flop down on my chest again and wait for me to continue scratching. I can’t say it enough…he’s SO cute!
Here is a picture of us over the winter holidays when I was back in the U.S. Monty was around one and a half at the time. Look at those blue eyes and still pink nose!