The knight of Harajuku

In January, I hung out with my friends in Harajuku. We went to a couple of small galleries. When we were walking, we saw this knight that seemed to be guarding a shipping container. Above the knight, was a crack in the wall. In the crack was a clock. I think the knight is a time traveler. And he’s guarding a time machine inside the shipping container. What do you think? 

Harajuku knight






Mind Challenge

The odd one out.

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Atlantic 2.Pacific 3.Indian 4.Mediterranean 5. Arctic

#4 doesn’t belong. The Mediterranean is a Sea and the others are oceans.


Let’s try!

1.Atom Boy 2. Doramon 3. Anpanman 4. Tetsujin-28

1.Avocado 2. carrot 3. cucumber 4. banana

1,Snake 2. mouse 3. salmon 4. lizard

1,Iron man 2.Spider man 3.Super man 4.Ice man

1, beer   2. chocolate   3, cinnamon   4, green tea



Learning English From Movie Quotes!


『ノーカントリー/No Country for Old Men』(2007)
監督:コーエン兄弟/ Coen Brothers



What’s the most you’ve ever lost on a coin toss?


「今までで一番~だった!」「今までで一番~だったのは?」と言いたい時に使えます。[S have(has) ever 過去分詞]で節を作り、直前の名詞を修飾します。
例:That is the best movie[I have ever seen]!
例:What is the most embarrassing thing [you have ever done]?
※上の例文のようにthe mostは通常、長め形容詞や副詞の前について最上級を作りますが、台詞のようにthe most で単体で使用する場合もあり、最大限、最高額、最大量などの意味になります。
例:What is the most [you have ever drank in one night]?

Axe Throwing

Look out!

Have you ever thrown an axe?
Throwing axes is good exercise.
If you have an axe, throw it. Joke!
The best place to throw an axe is in a axe throwing bar.
You can drink beer and throw axes.
Throwing axes is fun.

Mind Challenge Monday#4

Can you guess the food in the pictures? 

That red fruit in the photo  is called a Pomegranate.

Check out the website below for a fun ‘guess the food quiz.’

I got 6 out of 8 on the quiz. Tell us your score!

Silly Saturdays #3

Funky Saturday with some goats and James Brown.

Enjoy your Weekend folks!

Funky Saturday with some goats and James Brown.

Enjoy your Weekend folks!