Yuka in ルアンバパーン




I visited countries in Southeast Asia when I studied abroad in Malaysia. Luang Prabang in Laos, where I spent New Year’s Eve is one of the memorable places I went. The whole town is designated as a world heritage site and it is a small area, so I thought it would be a good place to travel by myself.

One impressive place was Kuang Si Waterfall. I joined a half day tour to go there because it is out of town. Tourists were enjoying swimming in the Beautiful emerald green Waterfall. Also, I tried riding on elephant. I started to like elephants once I spent time with them. I’ll never forget how the elephant shock me off into the dirty river many times. You can overlook the whole town and Mekong river from Phousi hill on the main street. That was the venue for the New Year’s Eve party. I enjoyed drinking and dancing on the last day of my trip in Laos. You can also see monks receiving alms in the early morning and people shopping at the night market.


memorable: 思い出に残る、印象的な
be designated: 指定された
shack off: 振り落とした
monks: 僧侶