I spent a week in a small port city called Essaouira, in Morocco. The city is known for its beautiful blue and white buildings, fresh seafood, and art culture, and thus it attracts a lot of visitors. I didn’t do anything in particular there but just relaxed every day. Luckily however, I met a Chinese guy and a Spanish guy at the hostel who were both really good at cooking. (Just so you know, I’m not good at cooking. I usually don’t cook much but I did while backpacking out of necessity.) So every day we went to the fish market by the port and bought fresh seafood (everything was really cheap and fresh!), and every night they made various dishes like spicy Chinese food, paella, and so on, while all I did was cook rice. Being a picky eater, a bad cook, and a backpacker on budget, it was really hard to eat what I wanted on that trip. So, although I didn’t do anything special there, the whole week spent with two great chefs was exceptional.



in particular:特に
out of necessity:必要に迫られて