出典元: Disney Warner Bros

監督:ジャレド・ブッシュ/Jared Bush – バイロン・ハワード/Byron Howard

This movie follows the story of the Madrigals, a special family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a beautiful town called Encanto. The house has gifted each member with magical powers, that is, everyone but Mirabel. With a sister that has the power of amazing strength and a sister who can grow plants and flowers instantly, Mirabel has been labeled as the family ”failure”. She lived her life in the shadows of her extraordinary family until a terrible crisis hits and it’s up to the ordinary Mirabel to find out what’s happening and to save her town.




“I will never be enough for you, will I? No matter how much I try.”


例: My mom gifted her a new necklace.
例: I gifted my son a car for his birthday.

例: Japan is currently dealing with an energy crisis.
例: We should all do something to solve the environmental crisis.

It’s up to~ to…
例: It’s up to my boss to schedule the meeting.
例: It’s up to me to decide where we go for vacation.