Textbook Tuesday

1.My friends imagined that I would be living in a capsule hotel but actually I live in an apartment like I did in Canada.—->友人達は私がカプセルホテルに住んでいると思っていたが、実際はカナダにいた時と同様にアパートに住んでいる.

2. I imagined that I would be living in the city all my life but now I’m living in the countryside.—>自分は一生都会で暮らすものだと思っていたが、今は田舎に住んでいる。

3.My sister thought I would be coming home for the holidays, but obviously I can’t go due to Corona. —>妹は私が休暇中に帰省すると思っていたが、コロナのせいで明らかに無理だ

Good walking route

One of my favorite walking courses is to get off the train at Kinshicho station and walk to Skytree. After that, I head to Sumidagawa and walk along the path beside the water to the Asahi building. Then, I usually cross the bridge and take a picture of all of the buildings together. Here are a couple of pictures from my last walk around that area.

If you get a chance, you should try that course. It’s nice.

Do you have any favorite routes to walk? Please share it with us