メキシコ、トゥルム Ruins at the beach!


I know that for many travelers Cancun is the dream destination. It’s located in southeastern Mexico, on the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula. The weather is great all year around and the white sandy beaches with turquoise water are undoubtedly beautiful. But remember, it’s a really touristy party place, and expensive too (compared to the other parts of Mexico)😅 Well, if you are a party person, you’ll have a lot of fun. But if you are seeking some kind of authentic experience in Mexico or just simply on a budget, you might want to consider going somewhere else.
Tulum, the city that is a two-hour drive away from Cancun is kind of the same, but less busy and has more things to see. The most refreshing thing to do here is to take a dip in an under water sinkhole, called “cenote”. There are dozens of cenotes in the area and if you are a scuba diver, you can also do a cavern dive at some of them. I did it and it was amazing! Since the water is incredibly clear, you feel like you’re flying in the cave.
There is also an archeological site you might want to check out. If you visit the Tulum ruins (the ancient Mayan ruins), don’t forget to bring your swimsuit! The beautiful Caribbean beach is also waiting for you, just a few steps down from the site.


undoubtedly: 疑う余地もなく
authentic: 本物の
on a budget: 限られた予算で
take a dip: ひと泳ぎする
dozens of: たくさんの