Ayami タンザニアでライオンに会う


I joined a 2-night safari tour in the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania a few years ago. I wanted to do the longer tour but that was all I could afford as a backpacker. The Serengeti National Park, located not far from Mt. Kilimanjaro in north central Tanzania, is one of the most famous parks in Africa. It’s known for its vast plains and is considered the most animal populated area on the planet. Although I couldn’t see the wildebeest migration which the park is famed for, I was able to see a lot of animals including the Big Five ーthe lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, buffaloー so I was quite happy. The animals that came the closest to us were the lions! I only had an old film camera with a 55mm lens and a phone camera with me (everybody else had a zoom lenses) but they came close enough that I could capture their faces!


Oh, and I’ll show you one of the photo techniques that I learned on this trip. This is how you take pictures when you want to zoom in on something but don’t happen to have a zoom lens (but have binoculars🤣).
Just put the camera lens against the binocular eyepiece. That’s all! This creates a simple zoom lens.

Hippos are my favorite!🦛


afford: 〜を買う余裕がある
vast: 広大な
migration: 移住、動物の移動
be famed for: 〜で有名