8月の月刊テーマ 〜スタッフ・講師オススメのお酒~

くじら 綾紫 (芋焼酎)

This is the best imo-shochu I’ve ever had! I first had it at a bar in Kagurazaka about 10 years ago and since then it’s been my favorite! It’s made in Kagoshima, from purple potatoes grown by local contracted farmers. You can find the shops that sell this shochu in the link below.



Sierra Nevada / シエラネバダ (ビール)

Sierra Nevada is the best beer on the planet! It’s the first beer I started drinking in university and I still love it today. It’s a beer that I can drink constantly and never get tired of. You can actually buy it at some places in Japan, like at Seijo Ishii, but it’s pretty expensive. A can here in Japan costs around ¥550, but it’s only around $1.50 in the States. So every year I go home, I bring back 24 bottles. Ha ha! Give it a try if you see it!