月刊テーマ – What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song? お気に入りのクリスマスソングは?



Christmas is almost a week away! This week we have Samantha’s favorite Christmas song, Winter Wonderland by Dean Martin. She chose this song because it brings back good memories of her and her mom baking cookies.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Years!

月刊テーマ – What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song? お気に入りのクリスマスソングは?


This week Kelly has shared a current favorite, One More Sleep by Leona Lewis.


Christmas music is also great to listen to while you work! Something about it wakes me up and helps me stay motivated. How about you? Do you like listening to music while you work?

月刊テーマ – What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song? お気に入りのクリスマスソングは?

しばらくお休みしていた、毎週水曜の月替わりテーマ投稿ですが、今月はやります、もうすぐクリスマスなので!(笑) Jabbleメンバーお気に入りのクリスマスソングをご紹介していきますね!

This month we’re going to share some of our all-time favorite Christmas songs!


Today we have Dave’s favorite, Christmas Time Is Here – Charlie Brown Christmas Album.
This is a great song to listen to with a cup of hot cocoa, and a good book.