Oaxaca is probably one of the most beautiful and culturally rich states in Mexico.  The region, and the Oaxaca city in particular, is known for its colonial buildings, mezcal (a strong spirit made from the agave plant, so tequila is a kind of mezcal as well), chocolate, and above all, Day of the Dead (if you don’t know about this festival, you should check out Coco, a great Pixar movie). Although I wasn’t lucky enough to be there during the festival, I still had a lot of fun. Old town, which is the center of Oaxaca and the place where most tourists stay, is so pretty and has so many things to see that you could easily spend weeks there. But there are also lots of attractions around the area that you can take day trips to, such as the Mayan ruins, the world’s fattest tree, and Hierve el Agua (a set of natural rock formations with springs).

I took an overnight bus from Mexico city and got to Oaxaca early in the morning, so when I arrived the entire town was still asleep. That quiet combined with the morning light made it really beautiful.




in particular: 特に
above all: とりわけ
although: 〜だけど
such as: 〜などの