Silly Saturdays #9

Did you ever dream about having super powers? What power do you dream of having?

This kid wanted to be super fast  Take a look!

Super hero kid.

How fast is he? Find out in the video


Silly Saturdays #6

A cute puppy tries to go down some stairs. Oh no.


Because of the state of emergency I hadn’t gotten my hair cut for 3 months. 😁

Well every time I go to the barbershop the barber is different so what do I do to get a somewhat similar haircut…? 
Answer: I take out a photo of David Beckham and say, “Make me look like this, please.” After the barber stops laughing and tells me it’s impossible I show him a photo from the last time I got a haircut and show him. “Alright, this will do.”
¥1,100 later, here I am.
Paz in Nishi Shinjuku: