While I was in Hawaii my sisters wanted to go on a sunrise hike, I’m not a big fan of hiking but I couldn’t help but be excited to see such a beautiful view. There are multiple small concrete buildings along the trail so you can stop whenever you get tired. Of course my sisters, being regular hikers, wanted to go to the furthest building on the trail but I burnt out at the 2nd building. I was surprised to see that everyone watches the sunrise from the roof of the building but after getting up there I understood why, it was such a great view! Definitely worth waking up at 4am. Have you ever gone on a sunrise hike?



I’m not a big fan of~: 〜はあまり好きではない
I couldn’t help but〜: 〜する他仕方がない
Along: 〜に沿って
Burnt out: 精力が尽きた

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