Ayami in 硫黄岳!


Me on the way to the top of Mount Io in winter. Mt. Io is one of the easiest Yatsugatake mountains to climb. So it’s a perfect place to start with for beginners in snowy mountain climbing. The view from the top is outstanding. You can see the beautiful Yatsugatake mountain range and a huge volcanic crater.
Camping in the snow, with a hot spring and eating nabe, is the best. Snowy mountains are a lot of fun, but dangerous too so you should bring proper gear like crampons, ice axes, helmets, etc. Also if you’re a beginner, you’d better go with someone who is familiar with snowy mountain climbing. Don’t forget to buy mountaineering insurance too!


outstanding: ずば抜けた、目立った
mountain range: 連峰
proper: 適した、正しい
be familiar with: 〜に詳しい

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