Ayami in リヨン!


Lyon was the only city I visited in France. I know I should’ve at least gone to Paris, but I just couldn’t find any accommodation I could afford (At that time, I was trying to get out of Western Europe as soon as possible, because everything was quite expensive for me as a backpacker…) So I went to Lyon instead, and stayed there for five days. Since I was sticking to a tight daily budget, all I did was just walk around the city. And I enjoyed that a lot. Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) found along the Saone River boasts beautiful medieval quarters and Renaissance buildings.  You’ll never get bored walking around.  It’s such a lovely city. And less touristy than Paris, I imagine.

at least: 少なくとも
as soon as possible: できるだけ早く
instead: 代わりに
bored: 退屈する

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