Ayami in パタゴニア


I’m guessing lots of people think of the famous American outdoor brand when they hear the name “Patagonia.” You might know it as the name of a place, but Patagonia is actually not a mountain or city. It’s the huge region encompassing the southern tip of South America, including parts of both Chile and Argentina. It’s known for its beautiful landscapes, such as dramatic mountain peaks and glaciers. My favorite place there is a small town called El Chalten. It has a number of trails which are great for day hikes. You don’t need to book any transportation or tours to get to the trails, because you can just walk there from the town. And fortunately, you don’t have to pay any entrance fees! So basically, you can enjoy hiking for free in this area! I stayed here for about a week and went hiking every day.
By the way, are you familiar with this jagged mountain in the picture? This mountain, called Fitz Roy, is the mountain used in the Patagonia brand logo.


region: 地域、地方
including: を含む
transportation: 交通手段
familiar with: 見慣れている、よく知っている

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