Ayami in カッパドキア!


From Cappadocia, the world renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site of Turkey!
The area is famous for its remarkable rock formations made by volcanic activity, as well as cave dwellings and underground cities, which were mainly used by Christians fleeing religious persecution. I stayed for about a week in a small village called Goreme, the most popular town for tourists to explore the area. It’s located in the middle of this rocky area, so some of the accommodations are partially or fully built into the caves.  The view from the town is great, but if you go on a short hike, the scenery is even more breathtaking! Of course, you can take a hot air balloon ride, which Cappadocia is known for, but it was kind of expensive for me as a backpacker, so I didn’t.😅 Even so, I still had a lot of fun hiking around!


remarkable: 目立った、非凡な
dwelling: 住居
persecution: 迫害
breathtaking: 息を吞むような

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