Ayami in イラン、イマーム広場!


Isfahan is a major city in central Iran, which once flourished and was called “Isfahan Nesf-e-Jahaan,” which literally means “Isfahan is half the world”. The city is full of beautiful architectural buildings, such as mosques, bazaars, and bridges, dating back to the Safavid dynasty.
Naghsh-e Jahan Square is one of the largest squares in the world, surrounded by two mosques, a bazaar, and a palace. It’s very quiet during the day since the temperature sometimes goes over 40℃. But then at night, it gets really busy because of all the local people who come out with their own food and tea to spend quality time with their friends and families.
It’s truly a must-see spot if you ever visit Iran!


flourish: 栄える
literally: 文字通り
quality time: 大切な人と過ごす特別な時間
must-see: 必見の

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