Yuka at Inlay lake(Myanmer)






I traveled around Myanmar a few years ago and I would like to share about Inlay lake this time.

I lived in Yangon at that time, so I basically used night buses when I traveled. After a 13 hour bus ride, I finally made it to the Inlay lake town. First thing I did was take a tour on a small boat. Intha people live above Inlay lake and they use small boats made of wood as a means of transportation. It’s famous for fishermen who stand on the edge of the small boats and catch fish with a big bamboo basket while they handle the oar with one leg. 

While there, there was a festival where people in traditional costumes had a parade in boats continually. I enjoyed the beginning, but I got tired in the middle of the parade since it was so long. I went to see a temple on the lake, visited a factory where they made fabric from lotus stem, and also met Kayan people famous for long necks while on the small boat tour. 

It was fun cycling around Inlay lake the next day. I finished the course even though it was chilly in the morning and evening, but hot in the evening when the sun was harsh.

On the last day of my trip, I saw Pao people who wore colorful head scarves on the way to Kakku pagodas. The black cloth brought out the colorful head scarves.There are 2480 forests of pagodas at the Kakku site. They were built by an Indian king and a later king of the Bagan dynasty commanded citizens to donate pagodas from each family.The pagoda’s design and size is different depending on people’s status and wealth.

Traveling to Inlay lake and spending time in nature apart from the city, allowed  me to relax and unwind.




lotus stem,: 蓮の茎
harsh: どぎつい、厳しい


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