SEVENTEEN concert🥳


Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Although it’s a bit late, I’m Hitomi, a staff member at Jabble’s Musashi-Kosugi school, which opened in April.
Recently, I went to a SEVENTEEN concert with Miki, another staff member from the Ochanomizu branch. They’re an idol group from Korea. I was a bit anxious about being able to get tickets, but luckily, we both managed to get one. We went to the Belluna Dome in Saitama, which has a roof but is open, making it quite chilly at night. I was glad that it wasn’t raining that day.
Our seats were towards the back, so it was a bit challenging to tell who was who. However, I was happy to see them in person. I hope to have closer seats next time lol Before the concert started, it hasn’t sunk in that I was about to see them live. But it hit me all at once when the music started. After watching them on a screen for so long, it was hard to believe I was seeing them with my own eyes. I was fully satisfied with seeing their live performance.


-Tell who is who/ which is which
-sink in:~に沈む、落ち込む、浸透する、身に染みる。
-Be satisfied with~:~に満足する

★Live とconcert の違い?


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