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最近、MAPを見たり、散歩していると千葉駅周辺には個人経営のレストランやカフェが多くあることを発見しました。そこで少しずつ、開拓してみようと思い、今回は千葉中央駅近くのカレーのお店「ChihiIro Spice café」に行きました。



It was valentine’s day yesterday. Did you get or give many sweets?
I’m going to share a story about spicy food with you today, totally opposite from sweetness.

I’ve been checking maps and walking around Chiba station lately and found many locally owned restaurants and cafés. So I decided to explore little by little. I went to a curry restaurant, “ChihiIro Spice café” near  Chibachuo station this time.

It was a very relaxing place because of the white exterior, wood and green interior design.
They offer the 4 types of curry weekly and you can choose 1 to 4 kinds of curry. Also you can choose amount of rice and adjust the spiciness. I ordered two kinds of curry, one was chicken curry with added extra spiciness and the other was hijiki seaweed, chicken and Edamame curry. Chunky meat was tender and tasty and I didn’t expect Hijiki to go well with curry. You can enjoy eating colorful vegetables as a side dish as is or with curry.
I’m pretty sure soda and spicy food goes together, so I want try homemade ginger ale next time.

I’m going to share information about shops around Chiba station and Jabble, so do not forget to check our Blog.


locally owned:個人経営の
as is:そのままで

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