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1つ目はラクサ、辛い麺料理です。ココナッツミルクの濃厚さとエビの出汁、香辛料がきいたコクのあるスパイシーなスープが特徴。具は色々で海鮮類、もやし、卵など、店によって異なります!ラクサの激戦区の「328カトンラクサ(328 Katong Laksa)」で堪能しました~!日本では成城石井で気軽に食べることができますよ!


This is my 3rd blog of traveling in Singapore this time! I’m going to tell you about two dishes in Singapore.
First is “Laksa”. It is spicy noodles. The richness of the coconuts milk is super nice with the Shrimp broth and spicy rich soup. The soup can have various ingredients, depending on the restaurant, some popular ones are seafood, bean sprouts and egg. I really enjoyed it at “328 Katong Laksa”which is a hotspot for Laksa. You can buy and try Laksa at Ishii Seijo in Japan.
The Second one is “Satay”. The closest dish in Japan is Yakitori,but for “Satay” the meat is seasoned with a hot and spicy sauce and dipped in peanuts sauce. It is originally from Indonesia and you can try it in Malaysia and Singapore as well. Peanut sauce goes perfectly with cooked meat! You can enjoy “Satay” in South east Asian restaurants, but why not try cooking it yourself.


bean sprouts:もやし
hot spot:激戦区、人気な場所、Wifi hotspot→ワイヤレスでインターネットを使える場所

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