Yuka’s must-reads Books!!

『WAKE UP! in クアラルンプール』(2021)



I’ll recommend a book,popular Youtuber Chika Yoshida wrote this time!
She travels all over the world to give us useful phrases to use in English when traveling. She also documents her 3-4 month stay in various countries on her Youtube channel.

This book is about her short time living in Malaysia and is full of colorful pictures. I’ve been to Malaysia a couple of times, so it reminds me of when I was there. There are not only many places I`ve been to in this book, but also there are places and shops that I`ve never heard of. Also I realized that there are many ways to enjoy life in Malaysia depending on how long you stay for and where you stay. I was reminded of the cultural diversity, the kindness of Malaysian people and the delicious food during my time in Malaysia while reading this book.


couple of times:数回
be remind of:を思い出す

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