Reddit: My favorite website

Hey everyone, I wanted to share my favorite website with you. It’s called reddit. It’s a website where people cast make posts about any kind of subject in different subcategories which they call “subreddits.” Reddit is basically a big internet content feed.

The most common subreddits are for things like videos, news, music, and cute animals. But there are also tons of subreddits for very specific interests, like specific bands, TV shows, languages, health advice, objects that look like people, and thousands of others.

One of my favorite subreddits is called “mildlyinteresting.” It’s a subreddit where people post pictures of things that they found mildly interesting. Not boring, and not too interesting, just mildly interesting. Here is a link to some of the best posts on /r/mildly interesting:

As with all reddit posts, it’s important to understand the title before clicking the link, so make sure you read it if you check this out!


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